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Some fans of Genshin Impact have shown their annoyance with the developer miHoYo due to the design change in the underwear that Kamisato Ayaka had on his official arrival at the video game, and it is that although, it is public knowledge that miHoYo It has a test server where the next news that may reach the title is uploaded in advance, it does not mean that it is the final version that will be published in the video game.

It is because of that some fans have shown their dissatisfaction with the change that Kamisato Ayaka’s underwear received, and have made a request through the platform, to demand from miHoYo to return the design seen in the test server, and modify the current one that takes Kamisato Ayaka.

In the image we can see on the left the final design with which he arrived at the public server, and on the right, we can see the design with which it was available in the test server.

The request through, which to date accumulates more than 3,140 signatures in favor, its titled: I have a dream and in that dream Ayaka gets her original pantsu back!, and its description details the following:

Ayaka had light purple pantsu and they were glorious, now they changed them for granny underwear. It is not a crime per se, but it should be. I’m asking for help, support, to make ayaka’s underwear great again!

Some of the people who have signed comment the following:

You can review more details of the petition through Clicking here!.

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It is not the first time that modifications have been observed in the designs or elements published through the test server of Genshin Impact compared to those that reach the official server, and although, miHoYo they have strictly Forbidden the dissemination of information from the test serverIt is something that has not been able to stop in the last time, where much of its content is previously filtered.

In another image shared by fans through the Reddit forum, you can see the character with the pantsu of the trial version with the version that arrived officially.

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