Fans will suffer a lot during the last episode according to Sophie Turner


Actress Sophie Turner at the Louis Vuitton Cruise in New York May 8, 2019. – Swan Gallet / WWD / REX / SIPA

Only a few days to prepare psychologically. May 18th, the grand finale of The Throne of Swords will be unveiled on HBO (in France on OCS), for the greatest happiness and the greatest sadness of millions of fans. And second
Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark from the series, will have to expect immense pain.

Maximum suffering

Guest on the set of Jimmy Fallon, the actress obviously did not spoil the end of GOT, but revealed the state of mind in which the fans will probably be in the last episode. On a pain scale, the actress felt that the suffering would be maximum, as reported
Huffington Post. with the ParisianSophie Turner had also confided in the immense void that had invaded him while reading the screenplay for the series finale. "After reading it, I needed to take some fresh air, to walk for a few hours. It was almost as if someone close to me had just died, I felt a huge emptiness. Suddenly it became real and I became real asked: "What am I going to do with my life now?" ". Fans will probably ask the same question on May 18th.




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