FANTASTIC Internships are already paid Rp. 117 million per month at this company, where the minimum wage is out of the way – A number of companies in several sectors provide extraordinarily large salary packages to workers apprenticeship as a way to attract the best graduate students.

In some companies, being an apprentice means doing petty work like filling out paper for a printer for a minimum wage.

However, in other companies, such as Uber and Amazon, different story. Internship status is equivalent to earning more than 8,000 dollars AS or the equivalent of Rp. 117 million per month.

That figure was revealed in an annual survey released by job review site Glassdoor in 2022, which tracks the 25 best-paying internship positions in the US.

An intern position on the list, if continued for a year, earns well beyond the average annual salary of a U.S. employee.

For example, the top spot on the list, game company Roblox, pays interns $9,667 per month.

Other companies, such as Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, and eBay, pay interns US$7,000 (Rp. 102.5 million) per month.

Glassdoor, which has tracked the highest-earning interns since 2017, monitors for an increase in intern pay each year.

This wage figure may make employees who have worked full-time for decades silent, speechless.

However, skyrocketing intern wages could also be a sign of how much the job market has changed since the pandemic began.

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