Fantastic photo from the ISS: the earth is glowing green

There are many photos that show the northern lights in the earth’s atmosphere from the perspective of a space station. A new shot from ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet but works particularly fantastic.

It shows a bright green glowing aurora over swirling layers of clouds. “This picture is special because it is so bright,” writes Pesquet on Twitter. “This is because of the full moon that lights up the night side of the earth almost like daytime.”

In space since April

The photo was taken in August as CNet reports. Pesquet has been on the International Space Station since April. He got to the ISS on board a SpaceX Crew Dragon Kapsel. It is planned to return to Earth in November.


He has his photography skills Pilot and aeronautical engineer can prove on previous occasions. It wasn’t until the beginning of September that he worried with a shot for a stir, which shows settlements illuminated at night beneath the silhouette of the earth’s atmosphere and the star-studded darkness of space.

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