FanWide brings FanChain Crypto to 10,000 sports bars in the United States


New York, January 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) SportsCastr (, the award-winning live streaming company supported by the NFL Players Association, today announced the launch of its cryptocurrency FanChain on FanWide, the platform that helps fans find local watch game parties for their teams. favorite. As part of the launch, sports fans can now earn FanChain tokens (known as “FANZ”) for visiting display parts in thousands of sports bars in the United States, and can redeem cash tokens smoothly via the FanWallet by SportsCastr.

To get started, users simply need to sign up for an account on After connecting their FanWallet (available on, users can earn tokens in over 10,000 sports bars that are part of the FanWide network.

“FanWide has promoted over 1.5 million watches and has collaborated with numerous professional sports teams and their fan clubs from NFL, NBA, Rugby League, European football leagues and more,” said Kevin April, CEO of SportsCastr. “This launch represents one of the largest real-world blockchain implementations in fandom and we are just getting started.”

In the future, companies expect to work with local bars and clubs to accept FanChain tokens in exchange for discounts, drinks and other prizes. In addition, FanWide will integrate SportsCastr’s live streaming technology to allow fans to go live from the viewing parties.

“Fans are always on the lookout for new ways to show pride to their team, and they can now earn rewards by looking at their teams and supporting local businesses,” said Symon Perriman, CEO and founder of FanWide. “This partnership is fantastic for fans, great for places and fantastic for the world of cryptocurrencies.”

FanWide is the second platform to integrate FanChain. On and its mobile app (available on the Apple iTunes Store), broadcasters can earn FanChains for broadcasts and users can send FANZ tokens to tip, unlock pay-per-view events, purchase subscriptions and more. In addition to the FANZ token, SportsCastr develops the FanChain compatible FanWallet and a DApp that allows any sports club, team or championship to distribute and reward fans with FanChain tokens. For more information, visit

About SportsCastr
SportsCastr allows anyone to be the star of their sports show and allows viewers to select which sportsman they want to call, recap, or make predictions about a game. The company developed FanChain for use on its platform and for the global sports industry. SportsCastr is supported by some of the biggest names in sports including the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), Super Bowl champions Richard Sherman and Vernon Davis, basketball legends Steve Smith and Jim Boeheim and more. Emeritus NBA Commissioner David Stern was the company’s first investor and external consultant. For more information, visit https: //

About FanWide
FanWide is a free digital fan club platform that helps sports fans find the watch game party closest to their favorite team in a local bar. Fans check in for offers from the venue, to participate in sponsor competitions or to earn FanChain prizes. Now sports fans living in any city can feel like they are inside their favorite team’s stadium on the day of the game. FanWide has promoted 1.5 million events, manages the world’s largest database of sports fan clubs and measures the TV audience away from home in over 10,000 sports bars nationwide. FanWide also provides services for professional sports teams and leagues, university athletes, alumni associations, fan clubs, promotion clubs, sports brands, athletes and TV broadcasters.

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