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After many times of ticket skipping, the release date of Far Cry 6 is finally set. This game will officially meet players on PS5, PS4, XSX, Xbox One and PC on October 7. Now that the game’s release date is only half a month away, the foreign media wccftech conducted a brief interview with Ubisoft 3D chief programmer Stephanie Brenham to gain insight into the main technical features of Far Cry 6.

Question 1: Will there be ray tracing on PS5 and XSX? If so, how does it compare to the PC version?

—Ray tracing is only a PC unique function. On the host, our goal is to use the new hardware capabilities and strive to achieve a frame rate of 60FPS under 4K resolution.

Question 2: What are the characteristics of the PC version and the next-generation console version? Will the PC version have more technical advantages? Will the console version allow players to choose between picture quality mode and performance mode as before?

-Both next-generation game consoles and PCs share some common benefits. These include better level of detail, drawing distance, better ocean simulation and high-definition textures. The next generation mainframe supports 4K/60. PC has light tracking reflection and shadow, Fidelity FX (FSR, CAS), no lock frame, ultra-wide screen, and adjustable FOV.

Question 3: Will Far Cry 6 adopt AMD FSR on the host?

— FSR is only a function developed for the PC in cooperation with AMD.


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