Far from the euphoria of the hard-core, the dialogue wing of the opposition fixes its position on the Court’s ruling

Martín Lousteau will be in charge of speaking about the ruling of the Court of this sector of Together for Change Source: Archive

Secluded in the internal courtyard of the Recoleta Cultural Center, outdoors and next to the plenary session of his cabinet, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta yesterday headed a “retreat” with his officials and decided not comment on the Supreme Court ruling, what suspended transfers of the judges Pablo Bertuzzi, Leopoldo Bruglia Y Germán Castelli, promoted from the Senate by the vice president Cristina Kirchner and endorsed by the Casa Rosada. It was Martin Lousteau who, from the Senate, assumed the banner of the “dialogist wing” of Together for Change in taking a position on the issue. A firm and confrontational position with the former president, but away from the celebration that other opposition sectors made after knowing the failure.

“It is waiting for what the Justice decides,” they answered, laconic, near the head of the Buenos Aires government, who waits for a signal from the Supreme Court for your claim for the reduction of funds from the partnership. At the Buenos Aires headquarters they recognized that the issue “is being worked on in conjunction with the entire space of Together for the Change City and the rest of the country, with Lousteau and Guadalupe Tagliaferri leading the discussion in the Senate, “they added from the Parque Patricios building. They added members of the Buenos Aires cabinet such as the vice-chief Diego Santilli and the Minister of Finance Martin Mura, as part of the talks in search of a common position, but away from the cameras and microphones that, they recognize, would bring a new reason for frontal discussion with the government of Alberto Fernandez.

“It is logical, Horacio never comes out to speak on these issues, and Martín represented our position in the fight for the co-participation of the city and also in this case,” they said close to another member of the dialogist wing, who also integrate Maria Eugenia Vidal, Rogelio Frigerio Y Emilio Monzó. “He speaks by training, because he defends the City’s resources and because he stands in the face of abuses,” they responded close to the senator, although they denied that Lousteau “talks about all the issues” and that he had become an “official spokesman” for the sector. .

Martín Lousteau, in the Senate of the Nation Credit: Senate Press

Yesterday, the Buenos Aires senator praised that “at this time when we see conflicts escalate amid the deepening of the economic crisis,” constitutionality control is being exercised in appropriate times. ” Like other referents of opponents, he decided to wait for the final ruling on the situation of the three judges questioned by Kirchnerism.

Now we have to wait for the substantive decision but the signals given by the Supreme Court are a great step forward when requesting the file in the day to the Chamber and in requesting that the process of replacement of the Judges be suspended, “said the Buenos Aires senator, who also took the opportunity to qualify the move against the magistrates as part of” the agenda of the president of the Body “, in direct dart to Cristina Kirchner.


His statements were far from other manifestations of space, such as those of Patricia bullrich, which highlighted “Brave Argentina” in reference to the recent protest marches in front of the Courts, or those of Elisa Carrió, for whom “the Republic is very happy” after the ruling. “The image of the Government plummeted this month, it broke with the middle class and the economy is very bad. We must be careful,” warned other members of the “moderate” space. The government accused Carrió and other opponents of“encourage escraches” against Court judges and “influence” their decision.

In addition to a good part of the cabinet meetings headed by Rodríguez Larreta, Lousteau believes that, beyond criticism, the channels for dialogue with the government should remain open. “He promotes dialogue and believes that this extremely difficult and unprecedented situation can only be achieved with a lot of collaborative work and rigorous discussions”, although “he does not like to be taken ahead”, especially in reference to the vice president.

A little less than a month ago, from the hawk sector they questioned his meeting with the President, which he attended together with the also radical Enrique Nosiglia. “He never spoke wonders of the Government in private, he always raised the same thing and that is that there is an unprecedented crisis and that dialogue is essential,” they responded close to the senator, in response, in addition, to the accusation of “double discourse” that arises against many opponents very close to the President.

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