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Farc apologizes to victims for kidnappings committed by that guerrilla – Crimes – Justice

In a letter signed by several of the leaders of the FARC party, which emerged after the disarmament of that ex-guerrilla, the FARC apologized to the victims of kidnapping in the country, and said that it deeply regrets the pain they caused.

In the letter Today the political party refers to this crime by its name: kidnapping, and not as retention of persons, as they had mentioned on previous occasions. In fact, in the JEP case 01, which is being investigated for kidnapping, is called: ‘Illegal retention of people by the Farc’.

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The letter is signed by former members of the FARC Secretariat, and in it they say that after a meeting held this Monday they want “from the bottom of our hearts to ask public forgiveness to all our victims of kidnapping and their families.”

They continue to say that el “kidnapping was a very serious mistake of which we cannot but regret” and that this only left a deep wound “in the souls of those affected,” which, they also said, mortally wounded their credibility and legitimacy.

We take away the most precious thing: their freedom and their dignity. We can imagine the deep pain and anguish of the sons and daughters of so many kidnapped by the Farc

The ex-commanders of the Farc also indicated that they understand the great pain they caused so many families. “who lived through hell waiting to hear from their loved ones, imagining if they would be healthy and under what conditions would they be subjected to continue to life “.

They added: “We take away the most precious thing: their freedom and dignity. We can imagine the deep pain and anguish of the sons and daughters of so many kidnapped by the FARC.”

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With his own name, they mentioned the case of Andrés Felipe Pérez, a boy who wrote letters to the guerrillas, asking for the return of his father, a member of the Army, and “who died waiting to be reunited with his father.”

We cannot return the time taken away to avoid the pain and humiliation that we cause to all those kidnapped“they added.

The leaders of the now Farc party ended up saying that before all this, they can only reiterate their commitment to respond to justice, “give explanations of the why and how and commit ourselves to Colombian society, which today more than ever demands justice and true for so much violence, invest every day of the rest of our lives in rebuilding the map of the disappeared and looking for their remains to deliver them to their loved ones. “

They also pledged to fight for peace and for a future in which “nobody, ever, is kidnapped, because we already know that there is no reason or justification to take away freedom from any person,” they concluded.

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This Monday, the former presidential candidate Íngrind Betancourt spoke at the Truth Commission about kidnapping and said that this crime does not end with the release of a person. In the space for reflection and contribution to the truth, Betancourt told details about the 7 years of captivity that he was in the power of the Farc.

For its part, in the JEP the case of kidnapping is one of the most advanced, Versions have been heard from both the victims, as well as being summoned to render explanations to the ex-guerrilla commanders and other members of the organization.

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