Farc dissidents face the Venezuelan Guard in Apure state – Latin America – International

Strong clashes between members of the National Guard of Venezuela and members of the FARC dissidents have taken place this Saturday in the town of Páez, Apure state, according to reports from citizens, journalists and local activists.

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Unofficial versions attributed to local authorities in the neighboring country, including the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) in the state of Táchira, assure that The operation sought to capture alias Ferley González, a member of the tenth front of the FARC dissidents.

Preliminary information includes reports in nearby areas that report explosions, gusts and overflights. Local media report that at least four soldiers from the neighboring country and 15 dissidents have died.

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Unofficially it has been reported that the Venezuelan military that lost their lives are Sergeant Major Gabriel Alexander Perez Silva, Second Sergeant
Reiber David Chirino Reyes, Lieutenant Augusto David Linares Delgado and Lieutenant Miguel Angel Mora García. There is also talk of three other wounded soldiers.

“They inform me that since the early hours of Saturday there was an armed confrontation in the vicinity of the Nula-Apure. Testimonies indicate the participation of FANB soldiers, foreign men in black and members of the guerrilla (dissidents) of the Farc from the tenth front commanded by alías Ferley“, published the Venezuelan professor and activist Javier Tarazona on his Twitter account.

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So far there has been no formal communication from some of the heads of the Nicolás Maduro regime.

On the other hand, the Colombian authorities have been investigating, for some time, the links that both the ELN and the FARC dissidents have with the Venezuelan government. Fact that has been denounced by the Colombian president to the United Nations.

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Situation that has set off alarms at the international level, even more so, after last July this media released a video in which alias Edward, one of the oldest and most powerful members of the ELN guerrilla, swears to him loyalty to Nicolás Maduro.

An ‘alliance’ between the Colombian guerrillas and the Venezuelan government that has been described as serious and worrying by Miguel Ceballos, high commissioner for Peace of the Colombian Government, who also assured in an interview with EL TIEMPO, on July 20, than “The fact that he is affirming that Nicolás Maduro is the ELN commander is a gigantic obstacle to peace”.

In the midst of this panorama and after the meeting between President Iván Duque and the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, which took place this Saturday, the Colombian president again denounced the support that the guerrillas have received for part of the Venezuelan regime, while Pompeo reaffirmed his message of rejection of the collaboration that the neighboring country makes with terrorist groups.

In fact, Pompeo called it unacceptable and intolerable. “The actions of regimes like Maduro’s, which have provided safe haven, aid and shelter to these terrorists”, he pointed.

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