Farc will join protests of national strike and indigenous minga

Through a press release, the Farc party indicated that he will join the demonstrations after the murder of Jesús Monroy (known as ‘Albeiro Suarez’), member of the national leadership of that political movement.

“We cannot remain immobile in the face of this tragedy that has claimed the lives of hundreds of people. We must mobilize until there are millions of us who demand the end of the extermination that is being carried out with the complacency of the National Government, ”he said.

According to the former guerrillas, about 234 ex-combatants have been killed in Colombia in recent years, of which 146 have been presented during the administration of President Iván Duque.

“The series of homicides against the signatories of the peace occurs in the context of a government that maintains an complicit silence, surely convinced that these acts favor its purpose of preventing the consolidation of the agreements,” he stressed.

The FARC, likewise, noted in the document that he will also protest the massacres that have been registered in the last months, and the constant murder of social leaders and human rights defenders.

The indigenous minga, who would arrive in Soacha this Sunday, He refused to be associated with the different armed groups. “We do not approve any manifestation of violence, the constant assemblies, acts of pointing out and stigmatization of alleged infiltrations by subversives”, he specified.

The FARC confirms that it will join the demonstrations of national strike and indigenous minga


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