Farewell forever.. Seeing the clip, tears flow along mother saying goodbye to son after cancer Can’t give chemo – fresh news

Farewell forever.. Seeing the clip, tears flow along mother saying goodbye to son after terminal cancer I can’t give chemo because I’m too skinny. Netizens flock to cheer

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On 20 Sep. 65 members TikTok @jdaotaem.me Post a heart-wrenching clip. After losing her beloved mother, she will never return. by stating that “It’s the hardest clip in my life. I almost cried to death.”

In the clip, there is a conversation between the mother and the poster that
Mom: Mom has done it all. Let’s take care of each other and manage 3 people, father and son.
Posted by: Where are you going?
Mother : You know, in the future, we will have to die from each other. Don’t cry, it’s already suffering. stay for what
Before it was a picture of the deceased mother set at the funeral. with the message that I’m sorry that I still cry again.

which the poster replied to the cause of death of the mother saying Mother had a large lump in her uterus. The first surgery, the doctor said he wasn’t sure if it was melanoma or cancer. Me and my father came to encourage us to say that we need to get better. But I saw my mother so skinny that it was strange. Finally, I came to know that my mother had terminal cancer. Mom is not getting better can’t eat anything Have to use a line to reduce the waste water in the stomach.

At that time we were studying in Bangkok and still felt that living with my mother was not worth it. At that time, all the good medicines were given to my mother. My mom couldn’t do chemo because she was too skinny. a lump that grows in the spinal cord This makes the treatment too risky. It’s a pity that my mother was not in the days when we were growing up. Sometimes I was stressed. I thought that if my mother was still here, consulting would be easier. I always think of you Mom will always be in my heart.

After the post was published There were many people who came to support. The poster came to answer that. “Thank you for all your support. When I heard the song “Don’t Cry”, it reminded me of my mother’s words. We are much better now, just thinking of my mom sometimes.”

@jdaotaem.me It’s the hardest clip in my life. almost died crying #J satellite #painting ♬ original sound – J Satellite

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