Farid Okbah Cs Detained by Densus, Lawyer for the Story of the Suspect’s Wife Being Terrorized Confesses Investigators

Suara.com – After being named a suspect in a case terrorism, the team of lawyers and family are said to be unaware of Ustaz .’s whereabouts Ahmad Farid Okbah, Ustaz Anung Al Hamat, and Ahmad Zain An Najah. This was conveyed by Ahmad’s lawyer Farid Okbah, Ismar Syarifuddin

Ismar said that so far his party had made various efforts to visit the Police Headquarters detention house to be able to visit the suspects who were reportedly languishing there. However, he claimed the three suspects could not be found.

“We have been present on November 18, we have been to the National Police Headquarters to the Bareskrim as well as to Densus 88 and Penmas. All of them are not there (Polri Headquarters detention center), we have not found them,” said Ismar at his press conference in Tebet, South Jakarta, Tuesday. (23/11/2021).

Not only that, Ismar also admitted that he had questioned the whereabouts of the suspects to the Head of Densus 88 Anti-terror Police. After that, there was a bright spot, the investigators then went to the residence of each of the suspects and only showed a video of the suspect’s condition.

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“Thank God, that night there was an action that on November 19, Friday, investigators came to the residences of each suspect to his wives. He handed over an arrest warrant and later that video was shown that he was in good health. We thank the investigators,” he said.

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Ismar said that the family and lawyers asked again about the whereabouts of the suspects. However, Ismar again claimed not to get a clear answer.

The family was finally only given the facility to communicate via video call.

“He asked again where he was. He couldn’t solve the problem. But he helped to try to make contact, facilitated by a video call with the suspect’s family,” he said.

“Alhamdulillah, yesterday Monday around 13.00, they were already met via video call. And thank God all are healthy and conveyed his optimism that he was not wrong,” he continued.

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Furthermore, Ismar also revealed, the family also had time to feel intimidated. This happened when the family visited the National Police Headquarters on the 19th.

Ismar claimed that the intimidation was obtained when the family was suddenly called by someone claiming to be an investigator.

“The intimidation problem was more or less when we went to the National Police Headquarters. We were waiting for the midday prayer waiting to go to the Criminal Investigation Department because our fellow journalists were also there, suddenly there was a call to one of the suspect’s wives. At that time he conveyed to me, sir, there was a call earlier confess from the investigators there,” he said.

Ismar said the party would report the members of the National Police who are suspected of doing this intimidation to the Propam Division of the Police.

“We will carry out a police report on the suspicion that someone who claimed to be an investigator intimidated one of the suspect’s families. There were many witnesses. We have recordings. lawyer and don’t do it through the media. There are things like that,” he said.

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Official Suspect

Previously, members of the Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) were inactive Ahmad Zain An-Najah, Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Da’wah Party (PDRI) Ustaz Ahmad Farid Okbah, and Ustaz Anung Al Hamat were named suspects for suspected terrorism cases. All three are said to be involved in the Jamaah Islamiyyah or JI network.

“It has been (a suspect),” said Head of Banops Densus 88 Anti-terror Police Commissioner Pol Aswin Siregar when confirmed, Tuesday (11/16/2021).

The determination of the suspect was carried out after the National Police Anti-terror Detachment 88 arrested the three suspects terrorist in a number of different locations in the Bekasi area on Tuesday (16/11/2021).

Head of the Public Information Section (Kabag Penum) of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Headquarters Kombes Pol Ahmad Ramadhan said the three had their respective roles. One of the roles of Zain alias AZ is as the JI Syuro Council.

“AZ the involvement of Dewan Syuro JI and Head of Dewan Syariah LAZ BM Abdurrahman Bin Auf,” Ramadhan told reporters, Tuesday (16/11/2021).

Meanwhile, Ustaz Farid is said to have played a role in funding the Perisai Nusantara Esa Foundation, which is the JI wing organization in the field of advocacy. In addition, he was also involved as an elder team alias JI Syuro Council.


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