Farmer Captain: Establishing Festival Dates Strengthens the Role of the Economic Settlement Sector

The development of the date sector has contributed to the creation of different date factories, increasing the competition of Egyptian dates in all international markets and opening new export markets, said Hussein Abdulrahman Aboussdam, the general captain of the farmers, adding that 39; Egypt produces 2 million and 298 thousand tons of dates, accounting for 16.6% And exports do not exceed 3% of production, explaining that Egypt has more than 15 million and 582 thousand palm trees.

The president of the Peasant Union, said that modern Egypt under the presidency of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi pays great attention to agriculture, in particular the date palm, pointing out that Establishing the Festival of Egyptian dates for the fourth consecutive year in Siwa reflects this remarkable interest and determination in promoting the dates sector in Egypt. The role of the agricultural economic sector.

The president of farmers stressed that the establishment of the International Festival of Dates for the fourth year also confirms that Egypt is determined to promote the production of dates, the cultivation of date palm, increase the volume of production , improve the current breeds and the development of new strains did not exist in Egypt.

The head of the general of farmers said that Egypt has a great opportunity to make the most of the palms and the need to eliminate pests that threaten the growth of palm trees in Egypt, such as the red palm weevils.


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