Farmers block Mediapark because of Summer guests with Minister Schouten

More farmers would be on the way. The police say they are aware of the demonstrating farmers. The police are monitoring the action, including a helicopter.

The farmers have been protesting for some time against the nitrogen measures of Minister Schouten. The most recent stumbling block is the ban on concentrates for dairy cows. Because of the concentrate there would be too much nitrogen in the faeces of the animals.

Fire to the shins

FDF spokeswoman, Sieta van Keimpema, says that the board of Farmers Defense Force is not organizing this action, but is behind it. “Farmers want to be seen that they do not agree with the feeding measure.”

The presence of Schouten in Zomergasten is denounced in a WhattsApp group of Farmers Defense Force. In the app group, they wonder whether interviewer Janine Abbring can challenge the minister.

A spokeswoman for the VPRO, the Zomergasten broadcaster, says that it is ‘quiet’ in and around the studio where the program is broadcast. “We’re just going.” The program is not intended to invite farmers to the table now, she says when asked.

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