Farmers of two kwai ha! Make a MOU, trading mango, Nam Dok Mai, golden Exports Japan-Korea-China-Europe

Farmers of two kwai ha! Make a MOU, trading mango, Nam Dok Mai, golden Exports Japan-Korea-China-Europe

On February 23, the reporter reported that At Ruean Phae Royal Park Hotel, Muang District, Phitsanulok Province, Mr. Ronachai Jitwiset, Phitsanulok Governor Presiding over the signing of the Golden Nam Dok Mai Mango Purchase Agreement for farmers in Phitsanulok Province Which is a contract with a private company to buy mangoes For export to Japan Korea and Europe Amidst the coronavirus outbreak

Mr. Ronachai Phitsanulok Province said that Phitsanulok Province has a wide variety of fruits that are grown with many qualities. In the past, there was an oversupply of price problem, what is different from other agricultural products being exported abroad. Farmers, we produce products that meet export standards. Each country is concerned about the product. There is an epidemic But for Phitsanulok Province Products are of good quality import and export standards. In addition, the government The private sector must jointly produce and develop the difficulty in relying on traditional forms of production. Farmers have to do Contech Farming

Mr. Shen Jean Black Hat Agriculture, Phitsanulok Province said that during the months of March – May. Phitsanulok has many fruits. Durian is released at the end of April – May. Maiachid starts from February to May. Other fruits such as pineapple, Nakorn Thai district, banana, watermelon and melon are the most high-line mango varieties. Such as golden flower water number 4, blue mango Bring to market early March – May this year the weather has changed. Drought Drought has a good effect on the quality. Sweeter and tastier every year This year, it is expected that the golden mango will be released at least 70,000 tonnes of fruit. In order to expedite the discharge of exported productsMrs. Ubolrat Siltrakul of Commerce, Phitsanulok Province, said that the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives have a policy of “agriculture, production, commerce, market” with the commercialization of the main provincial cells together with the private sector network. To drive the trade and exchange of goods between the provinces of farmers groups To create market opportunities and trade channels for farmers by 2021, it continues to promote both online and offline trade, promotion of Geo-Geographic Indication (GI) registration to increase the value of agricultural products that It has the potential and unique characteristics of the province, such as mango, golden nam dok mai, pineapple, tangerine orange, fresh sugar, rambutan, Sappraiwan, and durian. As an added product value In order for the community to maintain product standards

While Ms. Paphawee Suthavivat, Swift Company Limited, said that the contract to buy Nam Dok Mai mango with farmers in Phitsanulok Province, we have been doing markets for 18 years. Phitsanulok farmers are the first group to jointly develop products Be accepted Products have export standards. It is accepted in the market. For the export markets of Nam Dok Mai mango, there are Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

The representative of mango growers, Mr. Suthatsiri, president of large plots of agriculture, Nern Maprang district, mango grower in Noen Maprang district, said that for the signing of the mango sales contract for export today, there are three mango farmers growing mango, namely Noen Maprang District, Amphur Muang. Wang Thong and Wat Bot We have produced swift mango export company for many years. We have developed into a professional. I want people of Phitsanulok to focus on Mango Nam Dok Mai, Covid-19 makes the market inconvenient Online marketing helps a lot of stuff out of Phitsanulok province. The export market is falling, the domestic market must help buy and consume.

Phitsanulok Province has a total area of ​​89,674 rai of mango cultivation, 7,227 mango farmers are planted in 9 districts of Phitsanulok Province. The most common three districts were 54,437 rai in Amphoe Noen Maprang, 28,784 rai of Wang Thong district, and 3,761 rai of Wat Bot district, representing 97 percent of the entire province’s planted area. For mango products during the season between February and May of every year. And off-season, which is expected in 2021 will have a harvest area of ​​78,220 rai and yield of 70,398 tons, with an average value of more than 2,111 million baht.

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