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How the public drug procurement system in Russia works

Russia has a special system of public procurement of goods for the needs of the state, including drugs. According to the rules of the public procurement system, an institution, in this case the Ministry of Health, a hospital or regional health department, should publish a lot on the public procurement website and wait for an offer from the suppliers. Companies offer their offers and win the lowest price. Usually, the state buys essential and essential medicines for beneficiaries and hospital patients.

Signs and small businesses

In the second and third case, which the FAS filed against R-Farm, the company was found guilty. According to the anti-monopoly service, R-Farm participated in a cartel with several other companies, which helped maintain high prices for medicines and medicinal products in Khakassia. "R-Pharm", among other companies, was found to have violated the Art. 17 of the federal law "On the protection of competition" – collusion with the customer, and art. 11 – auction sign "- said Tenishev.

In parallel with the FAS, the investigation was conducted by the investigative committee, Tenishev noted. "The former head of the governor's administration (Vladimir Byzov) was convicted of receiving bribes from cartel members. The criminal case against cartel members sent to court. The actions of cartel participants are qualified as the creation of a criminal community. One of the leaders of R-Farm was in this criminal community, "he said.

The third case concerned R-Farm and Russian Medical Company under his control. They were found guilty of illegal coordination of economic activities. Companies determined in the auction for small businesses that should win. "They themselves did not participate in the auction. On behalf of small businesses, large companies cannot go to auctions and sweep everything the state has taken [развития малого] business. And they actually took these quotas, leveling all the state's efforts to support small and medium-sized businesses, "Tenishev noted.

As part of this case, the FAS was withdrawn from the company's flash units, whose photos are then published on its website. More than 20 companies that meet the criteria of the small business, deliver the keys with digital signatures to R-Farm. "R-Farm and the Russian Medical Company, on their behalf, have negotiated the auctions and determined who should win at what price," said Tenishev.

In the third case, a motivated decision will be ready within ten days, said Tenishev. The company will be able to challenge the service decision in court.

RBC sent a request to R-Farm.

"R-Pharm" is a Russian pharmaceutical company engaged in the production and distribution of drugs. Founder – President of "Business Russia" Alexey Repik. He specializes in oncology drugs, drugs against HIV and hepatitis. C & # 39; is an office in the United States.



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