Sport Fasel: garlic does not relieve pain. But if you...

Fasel: garlic does not relieve pain. But if you believe in it, eat

Fasel: garlic does not relieve pain. But if you believe in it, eat

March 30, 2020, 11:27

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Head of the International Hockey Federation Rene Fasel shared his opinion on the coronavirus pandemic.

“Did the Russians recommend staying at home?” This recommendation is one hundred percent correct, it will help stop the spread of the virus. Stay home! You see what is happening in Italy and Spain. Russians, you must stay home. Here I am sitting at home, I’ll stay in my walls for two or three weeks in quarantine, only by the little things I will go shopping. After all, we need to think not only about ourselves in this situation, but also about other people. And it’s still very important to wash your hands constantly.

What can I advise as a dentist to people who now have toothache? We have some dentists in Switzerland and are now continuing to work, so try to find one that you have not quarantined. If this is not possible, then take painkillers in the coming week. Well, about the garlic. In fact, of course, it does not relieve pain. But if you believe in garlic, that it will help relieve pain, then try. But it’s better, of course, to seek qualified help from a dentist, ”RIA Novosti quoted Fasel as saying.


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