Fast internet bonus 300 euros: here is the voucher for families (without Isee limit) – GUIDE

Among the objectives announced and carried out by the government there is also that of spreading ultra-fast Internet throughout the country. A series of concessions are provided for Italian families without any Isee limit, with the aim of activating network services at at least 30 Mbps download speed. This was announced by Infratel, a company managed by the Ministry of Economic Development. The budget allocated for this phase of broadband deployment is 407.470.769 euro.

The most likely hypothesis is that of a voucher of 300 euros that serves to activate, in fact, one service at least 30 Mbps maximum download speed, made with any available technology. This figure, according to Infratel, seems sufficient to cover on average up to 50% of the costs of a contract that guarantees an Nga (Next generation access) connectivity service, is the new generation of distributed accesses on a fiber optic network capable of raising transmission speed) to at least 30 Mbps for a period of up to 24 months.

The “bonus” will be paid out in the form of discount on the activation price, if present, or on the amount of the fees for the provision of the service and will also include the supply of the related electronic equipment. A will be recognized contribution only for each family unit present in the same housing unit.

Infratel is ready to launch a public consultation on its website in which sector operators and interested parties will be able to express their opinions and requests, make comments and observations on the plan until next May 31, by sending an email to [email protected]. At the end of the public consultation, the program will be presented and notified to the European Commission, to then be launched with a specific decree of the Mise.

If a family has already signed a contract, still active, with at least 30 Mbps maximum download speed, they will not be able to benefit from the voucher. On the basis of what will be discussed during the public consultation, priority will finally be given to families living in the most disadvantaged territorial areas, such as mountain municipalities.

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