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How about the entire MultiAnime band!

Yesterday, the developer of games mobile phones, Delight Works, has reported its financial results for the period ending July 2020, earning “only” $ 12.76 million, compared to the same period last year, where they earned a not inconsiderable amount of $ 67.23 Million dollars.

Delight Works developed the video game for mobile devices Fate/Grand Order, which has had several spin-offs since 2015, in addition to having inspired several very good animated adaptations, which you can see on Netflix.

Delight Works was founded in January 2014. It is developing the game for smart phones Sakura Kakumei ~ Hana Saku Otome-tachi ~ with Sega , as well as other titles that use the Unreal Engine. He signed an equity and business alliance with fellow online game developer Aiming in January 2019, but announced in July that the alliance had been dissolved with the cancellation of their jointly developed titles.

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Source: ANN

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