Father: "It is important to talk about Rubiales’ kiss to expose what happens daily on the street, when you go out partying…"

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Three years ago, the discos light and alcohol-free parties throughout Spain boiled like pots of endorphins every time the songs of the father.

Now the Catalan singer living in Madrid wants to produce those same hormonal stampedes in the clubs for seniors. Aitana has been warning all year with a series of carnal electronic pop songs, as jovial as they are uninhibited (The angels, The babies and My love), and finally this Friday he releases a third album packed with glitter sweat electronics.

Alpha It’s basically a party. A party that sounds like a dance from the 90s, like those little songs with choruses like lollipops that spread from the town clubs to the last corner of the country, whether they were waiting rooms, communions or tire advertisements.

How does the sweet and friendly Aitana fit into this register? Has 24 years and 13.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify: it was its natural evolution. And many of the girls who idolize her will be delighted to grow a little with her. As Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have shown in recent years, the innocent disposition of the star discovered in OT It doesn’t look out of place in electronic pop. In his life there has been no drama, nothing that breaks the stability and leaves even a small internal wound: everything has been kind and happy, and that is how his new songs sound, even when they contain lyrical details with impudence or even malice.

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