“Father living with stepmom”… Jung Kyung-ho, the real reason why he couldn’t marry ‘Choi Soo-young’ for 11 years |

Recently, actor Jung Kyung-ho, who received great love for appearing on tvN’s ‘One Big Scandal’, mentioned the timing of his marriage to actor Choi Soo-young, with whom he has been in a public relationship for 11 years, drawing attention from many people, and the fact that actor Park Jeong-soo is a stepmother has been re-examined, making headlines. is becoming

Ilta Scandal Jung Kyung-ho, “I met a real person like me after a long time”

tvN ‘Ilta Scandal’

On March 5, 2023, tvn’s ‘Ilta Scandal’, which received enthusiastic support from viewers for its warm story, came to an end. In the meantime, Jung Kyung-ho has transformed into various characters, from ‘romance comedy’ to ‘action’ and ‘three-dimensional character’.

In a way, I feel that ‘Choi Chi-yeol’, a first-class instructor played by Jung Kyung-ho this time, has an ‘objective yet cool-headed side’ and is not very different from the roles he has played so far.

but Jung Kyung-ho, who successfully portrayed the role of ‘Choi Chi-yeol’, fully immersed himself in the role, fully reviving another feeling of ‘similar to the previous one’ through this work.

tvN ‘Ilta Scandal’

Jung Kyung-ho said in an interview after the drama ended “I also took on this (similar) role for 10 years, so my image naturally hardened (omitted), but I didn’t get too desperate at the borderline I always did and showed (as it is) the growth of my teeth,” he said with satisfaction.expressed

He continued, “I really didn’t put much effort into this work. I played in the playground created by the writer and PD for 7 months. I was the only one who didn’t get stressed out.”

Jung Kyung-ho’s lover Soo-young praises the acting of “Shall we go until marriage?”

Since then, on March 6, 2023, a media outlet said, “Jung Kyung-ho” ♥ with Sooyoung anywhere, freely… An interview-type article titled, “It’s comfortable dating in public” was reported.

In the content, Jung Kyung-ho expanded the topic with a story about Choi Soo-yeong, a lover who has kept a firm affection for 11 years, along with the thoughts of disassembling and ending the TVN Saturday drama ‘One Other Scandal’ in the role of one-player instructor Choi Chi-yeol.

The reporter who did the interview asked questions about the reaction of his lover and fellow actor Choi Soo-young in an interview with Jung Kyung-ho. “My brother did what he does best,” he said, saying that he stayed by his side throughout the airing of the drama with plain but firm support.I did.

In the question related to ‘marriage’ that followed, Jung Kyung-ho cautiously spoke. “I can go anywhere with you and I can travel freely, so it’s comfortable and helped me finish it to the end.”Now, it has symbolized a relationship that has become one like a family beyond a thrilling romance.

Lastly, regarding Jung Kyung-ho’s promise that he would propose to Choi Soo-young if he received the ‘Best Actor Award’ in the past, he said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to get the (award),” and he laughed and spared his words about the remark.

Netizens who came across the Responses such as “Don’t get married until you get a prize… isn’t that an irresponsible statement”, “What’s wrong with Sooyoung”, “Women don’t like to get married?”showed

My ideal type is to get married if I win the best actor award for ‘Woman with Beautiful Ankles’

tvN ‘Field Talk Show Taxi’

Due to Jung Kyung-ho’s remarks, the contents related to the ‘official proposal promise’ were newly illuminated, and the contents were revealed in tvN’s ‘Field Talk Show Taxi’ on October 7, 2013, when Jung Kyung-ho honestly confessed about his ‘future marriage plan’ and won the ‘Best Actor Award’. Immediately after winning the award, he expressed his ambition to propose confidently.

At the time, Jung Kyung-ho started dating Choi Soo-young for a year, but he did not openly ‘acknowledge that he was in a relationship’ to the public.

Jung Kyung-ho calmly drew out his stance and said, “I wish I could practice my utopia rather than thinking about a realistic life every day.” On this day’s broadcast, Jung Kyung-ho even confessed his ‘ideal type’ without regret.

To the MCs who persistently ask questions, Jung Kyung-ho I was lucky that I tend to pay attention to ‘ankle’ first in terms of physical parts. Then, she clearly revealed her unique ideal type, saying, “I hope it feels like going when I wear something like jeans.”

After that, Jung Kyung-ho and Choi Soo-young ‘officially declared their relationship’ in 2014, about a year later. Above all, as Jung Kyung-ho’s ‘devotion’ was revealed, interest was high as to whether the ‘ideal type’ mentioned in tvN’s ‘Field Talk Show Taxi’ had a close relationship with his real-life lover, Choi Soo-young.

In fact, Choi Soo-young is known to be proud of her thin ankles along with her coolly stretched 11-character legs. Therefore, even if she does not wear high heels, she has the effect of accentuating the overall visual with her slim, smooth ankles.It has been reported that there is

Netizens in an online community responded to Jung Kyung-ho’s remarks about his ideal type by saying, “Choi Soo-young’s ankles are really pretty. They’re nano-ankles (excessively thin ankles that look like they would break with just a little force). That’s Jung Kyung-ho’s ideal type.”

Choi Soo-young’s prospective mother-in-law.. Actor Park Jeong-soo? Controversy over Jeong Kyung-ho’s birth mother

Jung Kyung-ho is recognized for his position as an actor through the tvn drama ‘Ilta Scandal’, and not only interviews about ‘marriage’, but also related keywords are receiving attention. In the midst of this, many questions have been formed about the ‘family relationship’ in case Jeong Kyung-ho and Choi Soo-young, who have been dating for 11 years, get married.

Actor Jung Kyung-ho’s father is PD Jung Eul-youngturned out to be Producer Jeong Eul-young is known as a famous producer in the broadcasting industry who directed the dramas ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’ (2011) and ‘Life is Beautiful’ (2010).

PD Jeong Eul-young has been living with actor Park Jeong-soo since 2009 and is maintaining a common-law marriage relationship.is in It was confirmed that they did not post a wedding or marriage report, and they live like a family, but it was revealed through various entertainment media that Jung Kyung-ho and Park Jeong-soo have a positive relationship as ‘mother and son’.

TV Chosun ‘Heo Young-man’s alumni trip’

According to Park Jung-soo’s later interview, Confessing, “I have children and there are many complex issues to accept,” he confessed, “If either of them wants to get married, I’d be upset, but fortunately, neither of us has any intentions.”told.

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung-ho, who was born in 1983 and is 41 years old this year, is an actor who debuted in the 2004 mobile drama ‘Five Stars’. He took on the role of Choi Yoon in KBS2’s ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’ in 2004 and attracted quite a few female fans with the SBS drama ‘Smile, You’. In particular, the fashion shown in this work showed the level of the model answer of the so-called ‘men’s fashion that women like’.

tvN ‘The wise prison life’, tvN ‘The wise doctor’s life’

From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, he played the role of Lee Jun-ho, the strong helper of the main character, Kim Je-hyeok, in the tvN drama ‘Prison Playbook’. As much as the drama itself became famous for the performances of the main/supporting characters like licorice in the work, the charming character Lee Jun-ho, who coexists with nonchalantly chic and subtle insignificance, became one of the big factors in the drama’s box office success.

In addition, by appearing in the OCN drama ‘Life on Mars’ in 2018, I was evaluated as a life work and life acting. Due to the nature of the work, Han Tae-joo, the role he plays, accounts for almost 99% of the work, and despite the murderous heat and tight schedule, he showed a high-quality performance without ups and downs.

In particular, his performance with Park Seong-woong received good reviews. Perhaps because of this influence, within a year, he was cast as Ha-rip in the drama ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’ and got to work with Park Seong-woong once more. and Appearing in the tvN drama ‘Hospital Playlist’ in 2020, he is facing a period that can be said to be the heyday of his acting life.I did.

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