FBI and CIA focus their European jihadist concerns in Catalonia in direct contact with the Mossos

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Catalonia has become the center of attention of the intelligence services of USA and from the most relevant countries of Europa. Concern with the evolution of jihadism in this autonomous community has caused the presence and impact of the world’s main intelligence and information agencies to focus there in recent months.

They consider that this Spanish community is one of the most important logistics and recruitment centers in Europe for jihadism. As explained to THE WORLD sources of the fight against jihadism, Catalonia has become the third center in European importance and concern, after several areas of Belgium and of Paris. “The services know that an important part of the dangers for Europe come through Catalonia,” say anti-terrorist sources.

The presence (both physical and telematic) of the United States is a constant. As he FBI as the CIA maintain permanent contacts with cops, which have also become the information reference for these services in the community. “The arrival of suspects who have passed through this community on their way to Europe in recent years has been and is the most relevant in Europe,” point out sources from the anti-jihadist fight in Spain.

These sources explain that to find out details about some of these suspects “you have to go through the Mossos office,” which has become an essential part of this fight.

The US intelligence services, French and German specialists, among others, are following the clues that come to them from the north of Africa and that they bring them closer to suspects settled in Catalonia. “They are looking for profiles of radicalized people who show a desire to move outside of Catalonia,” these sources point out.

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