FBI Director: Russian Disinformation Targeting Biden | NOW

Russia is again interfering in the US presidential election. The country is mainly spreading “disinformation” aimed at Democratic candidate Joe Biden. That said FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday during his testimony before a committee before the US House of Representatives.

His main concern, however, is the “steady stream of disinformation,” which Wray fears could erode US citizens’ confidence in the election results.

Several US intelligence agencies have concluded that in the previous presidential election in 2016, Russia tried to boost Donald Trump’s campaign and undermine that of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump has long contested that claim. Russia has always denied.

Trump questions postal votes

Over the past year, Trump has repeatedly questioned the ability to vote by mail without providing any evidence. More voters are expected to do this due to the corona virus.

On Thursday, Trump tweeted that postal voting could make it impossible to determine the true outcome of the election. He showed no evidence for this either.

In addition to Russia, China and Iran are also trying to interfere in the US elections, according to the FBI.


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