FBI raid on Trump property: Prosecutors oppose release of more specific information

ASV The Ministry of Justice has said that the release of details of the warrant used to search Donald Trump’s Florida home last week could cause “irreparable damage” to its investigation, writes the BBC.

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The ministry wants to withhold the release of the affidavit, or court document, that states the evidence needed to obtain the warrant. FBI agents searched the former president’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, to determine whether Trump mishandled government documents when he left office. It was the first time that this type of search was conducted in the ex-president’s home as part of a criminal investigation.

A search a week ago led to the recovery of 11 sets of classified documents at a property in Palm Beach, according to a warrant released Friday.

Several media organizations have called for the declaration of the raid to be made public. But prosecutors said Monday that such a move would “cause substantial and irreparable harm to this ongoing criminal investigation.”

“If disclosed, this affidavit will serve as a guide to the government’s ongoing investigation, providing specific information about its direction and likely course in a manner that is highly likely to jeopardize future investigative activities,” they wrote in the court filing.

They also said the affidavit should not be made public because the investigation involved “highly classified material.”

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