FC Barcelona faces colossal financial losses

Clubs across Europe are organizing to cope with this total interruption in football, which deprives them of the traditional income linked to TV rights, ticketing or the sale of merchandise in physical stores, between other. On the Turin side, for example, the players have agreed to sit on a four-month salary, and will recover part of this amount from July 1, at the end of the current accounting year. The same is true in Germany, where players from the main clubs have agreed to lower their wages. Real Madrid, which has a lot of money in the accounts, has no worries for the moment and will not ask its players to lower their fees.

On the other hand, this is the case in Barcelona, ​​where managers and players are currently negotiating a temporary salary revision, to which the dressing room would not necessarily be favorable, at least not under the conditions desired by the club. And when we read the information delivered by Marca, we understand why Josep Maria Bartomeu and his team insist so much. While the club is already suffocated by this colossal payroll and has practically no money in its coffers, the Spanish newspaper estimates that if the season is canceled, the Barcelonians will lose more than 100 million euros compared to what they had already planned, about 10% of the club’s budget for the current season.

Even a closed season end would also be very expensive

Last year, the club thus received a total of 93 million euros in matchday income, namely the sale of tickets for matches and the income related to VIP sections of Camp Nou. According to media estimates, Barça could already lose 26.4 million euros compared to last season in this area if the competitions are canceled or even resumed behind closed doors. If the season were to be canceled, the club would also have to sit on the premiums paid by UEFA. The club included from the start of the season in its budget the 10.5 million euros paid in the event of qualification in the quarters, while a place in the half, as last year, brings in 22.5 million euros .

As for the TV rights of La Liga, the breakage is a little limited insofar as Barça has already received 85% of the total amount which corresponds to it, the amount still expected being 25 million euros, than Barça would therefore not affect in case of cancellation of the season. We should also forget about European TV rights, the calculation of which is more complex. Marca estimates that in addition to the closure of official stores, revenues from the club’s museum – which raised 60 million euros last year – will take a hit of around 15 million euros. We therefore understand why FC Barcelona wanted to lower the salary of the workforce by 70%, since it would save 106 million euros according to the newspaper, roughly the amount it risks losing. .

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