FC Barcelona: Here are finally the 4 guarantees that Barça must give to Leo Messi so that he stays at least this season – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

To stay with Koeman: Even if the Dutchman would have a difficult start to the season, Barcelona are likely to give him time. A mid-season departure from a manager would almost certainly mean another disastrous campaign, so Messi must be convinced that Koeman is finishing the season.

To rebuild the team: the Blaugrana are unlikely to make any huge signings this summer due to all the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. What they should do is sell the deadweight as soon as possible. The Barça also needs to start buying the right players because the arrival of another big money flop could be the last straw for Leo.

To present a convincing sports project: the Argentine celebrated his 33rd birthday in June. A player of his age and caliber wouldn’t want to stay at a club that is getting nowhere. According to reports in Spain, Messi ‘feels more on the outside’ than on the inside of Barca right now, so it is vital for Koeman and Bartomeu to come up with a compelling project, the sooner the better.

To protect the first team from board interference: Well, Eric Abidal is no longer at the club, so now it’s up to Ramon Planes to avoid public arguments with Leo & Co.

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