Sport FC Bayern: Flick surprised by certain Munichers during Corona...

FC Bayern: Flick surprised by certain Munichers during Corona crisis

Hansi Flick remains loyal to FC Bayern Munich. The coach has extended and is now speaking publicly about his reasons. The video conference in the live ticker.

  • Hansi Flick remains coach of the FC Bayern Munich.
  • On Tuesday, he explains the reasons for his contract extension in a video conference.
  • We are in Live ticker not missing anything here.

4:03 pm: Hansi Flick can also imagine his team with another top alongside striker Robert Lewandowski in the future. The coach was asked about Leroy Sané (Manchester City) and Timo Werner (RB Leipzig) and then asked if he could also imagine a system with two strikers. “In the last few games, we also noticed that it is not always easy when an opponent is very low,” said Flick.

“In absolute terms, two tips are also an option. Of course, these are things that we simply have to be more flexible with next season, ”said the 55-year-old. “That is why it is important that we have options, also up front, that we can play with two peaks.

FC Bayern: Hansi Flick on ghost games and Klose as assistant coach

3:36 pm: It will very likely Bundesliga in May with Ghost games continued. “We have to get used to that,” Flick continued. “We have to rely completely on our government and adhere to the measures,” continued the 55-year-old, who was also surprised at how many people in Munich on the Isar are still partially “together”.

Flick also hopes for one Continuation of the season. “We long for it. We are definitely ready when it starts. But it is not in our hands, ”said the FCB coach.

3.34 p.m .: The topic of squad planning * in the Corona crisis was also addressed. When asked if Flick would be included even more after his contract extension, he said: “You are always included. We talk about team planning together. “

3:26 pm: Also on the subject Miro Klose Flick said on the video PK. The 2014 World Champion was most recently brought into play as Flick’s assistant. “It is important that we don’t talk too much yet,” said the FCB coach: “He is very loyal and has a high level of social skills. It would enrich our team. “

3.19 p.m .: Hansi Flick is pleased with the contract extension of Thomas Müller. “I’m glad that Thomas has extended. I hope that one or the other will follow suit, “said Flick in a video press conference. This should allow the FCB coach David Alaba, Thiago and, above all, Manuel Neuer, whose contracts will all expire in 2021.

All three have “had an enormous development, were our top performers, the club knows that too. I hope it goes in the right direction, ”said Flick in the video conference. With Captain Neuer, negotiations on an extension seemed to have stalled recently.

Flick recalled that he had known the goalkeeper for a long time and underlined the appreciation. “He knows what he has in Bavaria,” said the 55-year-old coach and said: “Not only me, but everyone would be happy if he extended. I have always said very clearly what I think of Manuel and how I rate him, ”says Flick:“ Just like Alaba and Thiago. Everyone is playing at a particularly high level. “

FC Bayern: Hansi Flick on contract extension – Müller stays too

Munich – The FC Bayern Munich* makes nails with heads: Hansi Flick* remains trainer of the Record master*. After the extension, Flick will answer the journalists’ questions in a video conference on Tuesday (from 2.30 p.m.). In our Live ticker don’t miss anything.

Bayern Munich: Hansi Flick extends contract – video conference in the live ticker

There was a lot of speculation back and forth, ultimately those responsible for the FC Bayern Munich but still on Hansi Flick fixed. The trainer * has one signed new contract, the contract runs until June 2023.

Which construction sites will be Flick* tackle now? In the Corona crisis * all teams are in the Bundesliga* striving for a bit of normality, like* reported, the people of Munich are now back on the training ground.

While the debate about ghost games is ongoing, is already over Flicks assistant coach discussed: Will Miroslav Klose assist the coach in the future? And what says Flick on the transfer debate and potential newcomers like Timo Werner or Leroy Sané?

who Flick knows who knows: on transfer speculations he will be in something different Press roundwho on Tuesday at 2.30 p.m. starts, don’t get involved. Much more can be expected that he will explain the reasons for his contract extension speaks – and possibly also about those who persuaded Thomas Müller to sign a new contract.

* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network


Rubric list image: © dpa / Tom Weller


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