FC home match: Cologne police are preparing for the arrival of Dresden fans


Cologne –

Smoke clouds from the guest quarters, but until now there have been no violent uprisings – the Cologne police pulled a largely positive interim balance after the 8: 1 win of FC Cologne against Dynamo Dresden.

According to a spokesperson, the expected Fankrawalle, to which around 700 police officers had settled around the Rheinenergiestadion in the context of the second division matchup, failed.

During the game, although significant amounts of pyrotechnic items were burned in the Dresden fan block (read here) that someone had been injured, but so far it was not known. Initially the arrests were not there, the rush of the accusation, it was said.

Detained with arrest warrant, Colonia detained

In the run-up to the game, a man from Cologne who had been arrested was arrested and a criminal complaint was lodged against a Dresden supporter. The police secured the match with a large contingent.

According to a police spokesman, around four in the morning in Dresden numerous cars, minibuses and buses headed to Cologne.

The Cologne police prepared for possible revolts

Control stations were set up along Aachener Strasse and in the Lövenich area: dozens of police buses and two water cannons were waiting in Weiden's P + R car park. On Saturday morning, a helicopter went around the west of Cologne.

The police announced on Friday that they wanted to prevent a possible escalation in a fan-march of Dynamo Dresden supporters with numerous emergency services, police horses, SEK officials and guide dogs. According to "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger", the police feared that violent violators of the fan base of the 1. FC Köln would try to stop the march.

For a fan-march of the Dresden supporters, it was not the morning.

The Cologne police have appealed to fans of the 1st FC in Cologne and the Dynamo in Dresden

Until noon, as expected, many Dresden fans have traveled. The police escorted the supporters of the visiting team from the motorway exits to the P4 parking lot of the Rhein-Energie-Stadion. The trip was quiet. Nothing was known about the incidents.

In a letter on Facebook, the police had previously appealed to all the fans: "Respect the supporters of each one's team with respect".

Dinamo Dresden criticizes the Cologne police

The leaders of the second division of football Dynamo Dresden have expressed strong criticism to the police of Cologne on Friday: "For me it is absolutely incomprehensible why the communication threat was built by the police in Cologne the day before," said the Dresden CEO Michael born .

Furthermore, there was irritation for an announced march of the Dresden fan scene at the Cologne stadium. This was rejected by the Cologne authorities, "the decision was also accepted by our active fan scene," Born said: "Such public appearances like today's Cologne police fuel the inconvenient and simply false coverage of the media, stigmatize the fomentation of football fans and drive my opinion to self-fulfilling prophecies. "

"After the early reports of Dresden, we expect several hundred violent supporters of the visiting team," said the Cologne police, however.

(Red / sid / sp / dpa)



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