FC Schalke: Clemens Tönnies has damaged much more than his simple club

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Tönnies' sentence is like a moral declaration of failure

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Tönnies apologizes for commenting on the Africans

The chairman of the Schalke supervisory board Clemens Tönnies was persuaded to issue statements on the best aid for "Africans". After much criticism, he now regrets his words.

With his declaration on climate protection in Africa, Clemens Tönnies revealed a shocking world view. His statement bears witness to a new level of brutalization in public discourse. And the ignorance of its author.

Vtalking about one's goal would be an understatement. The derailment that the Schalke chief Clemens Tönnies has now uttered in a "Day of Crafting" speech is like a moral failure.

The meat magnate, who spent billions on industrial breeding and pig killing and has been courting Vladimir Putin for years, not only showed a surprising insolence with his declaration on climate change, but also has shown a shocking world view: one should just build more power plants in Africa so that climate protection can finally take off there. Furthermore, people would no longer be sitting in the dark and should not spend time with children's testimony.

2006: Russian President Vladimir Putin (r.) And Clemens Tönnies celebrate the entrance of Russian gas company Gazprom in Schalke 04

2006: Russian President Vladimir Putin (r.) And Clemens Tönnies celebrate the entrance of Russian gas company Gazprom in Schalke 04

Source: pa / dpa / Astakhov_Dmitry

The statement is equally racist on so many levels that it could be assumed that Tönnies wanted to win the award for the most inhuman sentence of the year. It is not worth revealing the claim in all its stupidity and ignorance of the facts. Only so much: Africa could have many problems. In climate protection, the continent is always at the bottom of the statistics. Far behind the western industrialized countries.

Your club's values ​​hurt

That Tönnies of all people, as the main German producer of pork, wants to represent an industry that is largely responsible for the exploitation of animals, soil and air and that wants to give other advice on climate protection, is a thing.

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The other is obviously the horrible question, with which a leading economic leader and a sports official have pushed the boundaries of the word a little more. Even in Germany it seems to be socially acceptable again, to bring even the most banal banalities among people and give new life to prejudices long buried. Not just on the street, but also in institutions. At the highest levels.

Tönnies apologized for his condemnation, also because he had violated the values ​​of his club Schalke 04. Exact The damage to the club, which is considered a large cosmopolitan family, is enormous. Tönnies did even more harm: his integrity.

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