Sport "FC Twente has Ulderink also be polled for a...

“FC Twente has Ulderink also be polled for a job”

FC Twente and has been working very hard to make up for the new season, as a coach, but at the moment, it is still a guess at the names. Ruud van Wissing noted that there is very little leaked to the media.

“For the first time in a few years, is leaking out there are quite a few out of FC Twente,” says Of the Erasure of the wall, the There. “Even the Zorniger will Of of Crane content do not respond to it. It is worthy of note. He sneers but all those rumours about the teachers.”

Under Ron Jans will be named as a possible coach. “Ron Jans will be named, but I’m still not out of the mouth of the Faucet to be heard. We’ll have to wait and see where he is, all of them at once. FC Twente Andries Ulderink is also polled for a job, but that’s for the coaches and TD’s, I don’t know.”

“It might just be that next week is new year’s, but if they are already presented, I ask myself the question, said Of the Deletion. “FC Twente and would like to the entire engineering staff at one time to present them.


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