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Here, the production of season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead has begun and the first information has finally fallen. After learning that Daniel Sharman, aka Troy Otto, would make his comeback next season, we can now assure you that this will also be the case with Ruben Blades, the one and only Daniel Salazar. And if Daniel's return has long been expected by fans, Troy's is quite surprising. Hit in the head by Madison in the third season and abandoned to his fate before the explosion of the dam, Troy was left for dead. No details on the circumstances of the return of Troy have yet been revealed, but some hypotheses can already be made.

Troy back!
Troy back!

As Althea arrived in the fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead, her tapes allow to create a bond between different characters that have never crossed. It may be that Althea fell on Troy before meeting the Clark and recording her story. Unless Troy survived his wounds to continue his journey and then meet Althea. Rather than a past meeting, it could also be a future plot that would lead to a strange meeting between Alicia, Victor, Luciana and Troy. The chances that the four characters are seen are small but not absent, and the presence of Troy could give the group a bit of momentum.


As for Daniel Salazar, absent during the entire season 4, he should finally make his comeback in the series in his fifth season. As a reminder, Daniel was last seen in the final season of the third season, when the dam explodes. While we quickly knew that Victor, Madison, Alicia and Nick had escaped, no news about Daniel was given during the season 4. The actor however revealed in an interview that he was coming back as Daniel Salazar in the sequel to Fear The Walking Dead. Will Daniel have found a new community? Will he still be tortured? Or we'll only see it in a flashback or through the labeled Althea tape "D.S." ? Patience, it will be necessary to wait several months to know it.



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