Health Fears and phobias: What is real?

Fears and phobias: What is real?

Costs for dentist / dentures in Hartz4 receivers

I know that archynewsy is my friend, and am not completely untalented in the Internet search, but in the case of this topic, I think no useful answers, so for once, a question from me to the swarm intelligence:

My husband has a terrible dental phobia. Unfortunately, he is slowly moving into an age in which the one or the other of the Tooth must be removed by itself and something urgently done. In addition, we are currently dependent on Hartz4 increase.
There are ways, a anesthesia of the health insurance paid for or subsidized and, if so, how does this work ? And how it behaves with the equity shares for dentures, which are not from the rule set, unfortunately affordable ? The health insurance company or the Jobcenter for that ?


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