Features and price of the Galaxy Phone Fuld


Samsung Electronics announced today that it will launch a smartphone in April, with Facebook and WAP applications designed for the new phone.

The Galaxy will have a price of $ 1980 (over 6,000 Tunisian dinars) when it will be on sale on April 26, officials of the company said. The display of the new phone will be 4.6 inches when it is folded and up to 7.3 inches when it is stretched.

Samsung said it was working with Facebook and Microsoft to find special versions of their famous applications that fit the display of his new phone.

The new device could help Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone maker, compete with rivals such as Apple and Huawei Technologies, which both sell smartphones.

Samsung said it had developed new production processes for the phone and flexible display to allow it to be opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times.




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