Features of the Planet Mars Complete with Interesting Facts

Scientists have developed various technologies to conduct research on space objects, one of which is the feature of the planet Mars.

One of the planets that is close to Earth has its own characteristics that make it different from other planets in the solar system. Mars has received many nicknames by scientists, one of which is the Red planet and the planet Ares.

Know the Characteristics of Planet Mars that is Different from Other Planets

Get the nickname as the Red planet, because this planet has a reddish surface when we observe it from a distance. While the nickname of the planet Ares, the name is taken from the Greek and Roman.

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Ares is the god of war which means this planet represents a war because it has a color resembling blood.

Many scientists have researched, observed, and decided that this planet is very likely to be inhabited by humans someday.

How not, the surface and land on the planet Mars are the same as those on our planet, Earth. This planet is known to be quite dynamic and has seasons.

There are also polar ice caps, weather, canyons, and volcanoes. Even so, research after study is still being carried out to determine precisely whether this planet will indeed be safe for living creatures, such as Earth.

In addition to the characteristics of the planet Mars, there are many other characteristics. Here’s the review.

Mars Rotation and Revolution

The rotation of Mars is not too different from the rotation on Earth. That’s why a day on Mars lasts 24.6 hours on Earth. Just a little different, with the time of day on Earth is not it?

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A study also revealed, the length of time one year on the planet Mars is 687 Earth days. So we can conclude that the time difference in a year on Earth with this planet is quite far, which is about twice as much.

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Structure and Surface of Mars

Mars is a terrestrial planet. That is, Mars is a planet formed from rock material. Same is the case with several other planets, namely Mercury, Earth, to Venus.

The next feature of Mars is that it has a diameter of 6,779 kilometers, which is quite large when compared to Earth, which is only about 12,742 kilometers long.

Despite having a difference in diameter, the surface on Mars is not too far from the mainland on Earth. Interestingly, there are many volcanoes that are no longer active on this planet.

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This resulted in the emergence of many craters on the planet Mars. The atmosphere on this planet is also very thin. Most of it is made of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon gas.

Because it has a fairly thin atmosphere, it causes heat from the sun to easily escape from the planet. So the average temperature on Mars is quite cold, reaching 20 degrees Celsius in places that are near the equator.

But at night, the temperature can drop very drastically to -73 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the lowest temperature is around -153 degrees Celsius.

Seasons on Mars

Another feature of the planet Mars is that it has four seasons, just like the seasons on Earth. The reason is because the planet is tilted about its axis.

Each season on the planet Mars has a different length. This is because Mars’ eccentric orbit around the sun.

Spring has the longest duration, which is up to 7 months. While summer and fall occur within six months. The rest is winter which is only four months away.

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The formation of Mars

Mars was formed about 4.5 million years ago by gravity pulling from swirling dust gas to become the fourth planet of the solar system. Having the same structure as Earth, this planet has a central core, a rocky mantle, and a solid crust.

Another feature of Mars is that it has two moons named as phobos and deimos. It includes the fourth planet of our solar system, with its closest neighbors being Earth and Jupiter.

Another feature of Mars is that it has water in it, just like Earth. But the water on this planet will freeze easily because the atmosphere is too thin. The largest volcano on the planet Mars is named Olympus Mons.

Not only the largest on the planet, Olympus Mons volcano is also the largest in the solar system. Researchers agree, the size of this mountain is about three times higher than Mount Everest on Earth. This feature of the planet Mars is really surprising. (R10 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)

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