Features of Toyota Fortuner with mileage

For those who do not have enough money for a Land Cruiser, but I want the patency and functionality.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

Frame SUV Toyota Fortuner was originally released only in Thailand. Late production models was established in South Africa, Colombia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. Due to changeable climatic conditions the car received a “savvy” technical part and the equipment. The main features of the car shared by the owners of the thematic forum Drom.ru.

Ttechnical part and throughput

Toyota Fortuner has received a frame structure, which provides stability and reliability in off-road driving. Under the hood, early versions of the SUV was located 2.7-liter petrol engine producing 163 HP, which later boosted to 166 HP. Diesel power unit has a capacity of 177 HP, and its working volume is 2.8 liters.

According to the owners, work in tandem wheel drive, 6-speed automatic transmission and downshift give the opportunity to the chassis to move easily on harsh terrain. But some motorists did not have enough power the power unit for overtaking at speeds over 100 km/h Also points to weak insulation and stiff suspension.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

The interior and equipment

Toyota Fortuner got a spacious 7-seater cabin, which is comfortable to travel both driver and passengers. The main options of the car of steel cruise control, climate control, 7-inch touch screen multimedia complex with extra USB connectors, two-piece box with cooling function, etc. In the base trim SUV has fabric seat upholstery, which is not known for quality but more expensive substitutes for leather.

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The disadvantages of interior steel insertion of hard plastic, no heated rear seats and heated windscreen. The owners are travellers explain that the seat in the car is not laid out completely and not allow you to sleep comfortably.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

As for the cost, the Toyota Fortuner with mileage in the secondary market are available from 1 million rubles. for the first generation (2005-2016 year) and 2 million rubles. for cars 2016-2019 years.


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