“February 30” expired: Subject was caught with a false collective permit in Olmué

One subject was surprised trying to leave the commune of Olmué, in transition phase -quarantine on weekends-, towards Limache, in preparation, with a the only false collective permit and, for the worse, expired on “February 30”, date that does not exist in our calendars.

Carabinieri of Olmué, together with Navy officials, detained the man identified as M.A.O.A., 32 years old, who lives in Olmué and he intended to advance towards Limache.

Upon being audited, he displayed on his cell phone a unique collective permit, whose QR code was scanned by the police, establishing that the alleged document had an expiration date of “February 30 “, which alerted them and led to the arrest.

In detail, the fake permit spelled out a duration “from February 27 to 30“informed the non-commissioned officer Alejandro Opazo, of the Olmué Police Force.

The prosecutor on duty determined to pass him to control of detention and eventual formalization, a hearing that will be held this Monday, accused of the crimes of forgery of public instrument and violation of article 318 of the Penal Code, on sanitary crimes.


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