Federal agents arrest Ángela Ávila, former executive director of ASES


Federal agents arrested today, Wednesday, former executive director of the Health Insurance Administration (ASES), Ángela Ávila.

Agents of the Office of the Federal Inspectorate for Health and the Office of the Federal Inspectorate for Education, as well as agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), participated in the arrest. .

Ávila resigned immediately on June 25th.

Precisely, yesterday the governor's legal adviser Alfonso Orona went for the second consecutive day to the Federal Court where he testified before the Grand Federal jury on the assumption of Alberto Velázquez Piñol.

The federal authorities investigate the actions of subcontractor Velázquez Piñol at the Health Insurance Administration (ASES) and other public bodies as part of their work for BDO Puerto Rico. Velázquez Piñol was appointed by the governor as part of a multisectoral task force that would work on the health issue.

Also at the end of June, the Secretary of the Interior, Ricardo Llerandi Cruz, confirmed that he had appeared before a federal grand jury after receiving a citation that said he was dealing with the production "of documents relating to Alberto Velázquez (Piñol) and its functions ".

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