Federal Executive threatens the AfD in NRW with impeachment


Dhe Federal Executive of the AfD threatens the three remaining after the Chaos Party Congress of Warburg on the weekend in office Board members of the North Rhine-Westphalian AfD with impeachment. About the events in Warburg, where on Saturday nine of twelve board members including one of the two chairmen and the treasurer had resigned, the party leaders had spoken on Monday morning in a telephone conference.

Reiner Burger

According to information of the F.A.Z. demand the party leaders a new election of the NRW state executive board until 6 October. According to the statute of the North Rhine-Westphalian AfD must within three months after the departure of one of the two chairmen or the treasurer, but only the “by-election” for the vacated positions held. Nonetheless, the federal executive announced that if no state party conference with a new election had taken place by 6 October, “we declare the impeachment of the NRW executive board”, as stated in a minutes of the conference call. In addition, should be reviewed by the Federal Arbitration Court, whether the currently in office located hull state executive committee of the North Rhine-Westphalian AfD “at all actionable and quorum capable”.

The Federal Board calls on the remaining members of the state executive committee NRW “to make no financial decisions” until the question of action and quorum was clarified.

Resignation refused

At the congress in Warburg on Saturday (6 July), the country's chairman Helmut Soifen and eight other board members had resigned with the argument that only with a completely new state board was a fresh start in the for months characterized by intense power struggles national association possible. Three other board members, including the co-chairman Thomas Röckemann and Christan Blex, who are regarded as sympathizers of the right-wing nationalist “wing” to the Thuringian AFD state chairman Björn Höcke, declined to resign. Although several applications for their resignation each achieved clear absolute majorities, but not the necessary two-thirds majority.

After his failed deselection had Röckemann in Warburg only announced to want to fill the vacant posts on the state executive committee with “suitable candidates” at the next state party convention.

The co-chair Soifen accused the nationalistic “wing” in Warburg, to infiltrate and split the AfD. From the North Rhine-Westphalian regional association a “satellite association” should be made. Because of the “machinations”, the “wing” supporters who infiltrated the state party into the district associations, “the existence of our party is in great danger,” warned Soifen.

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