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German arms exports continued to decline at the beginning of the year. Between January and the end of March, the Federal government
Deliveries worth 1.12 billion euros, less than 2018 on average per quarter (1.21 billion euros). That goes from one
Response of the Federal Ministry of Economics to a question of
Green MEP Omid Nouripour.

According to the industry, this is the
particularly restrictive attitude of the Federal Government towards countries
outside of the EU and Nato responsible. In the coalition agreement of SPD and CDU was a partial arms export stop for the
Committed countries involved in the Yemeni war. After killing the
Saudi government critic Jamal Khashoggi followed in November on
Complete delivery ban for Saudi Arabia
, the end of March though
was loosened slightly.

By 2018, the permits were almost at
a quarter fell to 4.82 billion euros
, It was the third year in
Consequence, in which the armaments industry had to accept a decrease. On
 There was last growth in 2015 – at that time to a record 7.86
Billion euro. Since then it's going downhill.

 Saudi Arabia's full-year export stoppage increased in November
 the best customers of the German defense industry: were approved
Exports worth 416 million euros. From January to October 2018 alone
 German companies exported weapons worth 160 million euros to the country. Thus, the value of exports was already in the first
ten months by around 50 million euros higher than in 2017 as a whole.

Turkey among the top 20 customers

Main buyer for German arms exports
 In the first quarter of this year, the US was licensed with approved deliveries
 169.1 million euros and Great Britain with 156.9 million euros.
Followed by Australia (87.8 million), Morocco (56.1 million)
and Austria (54.6 million).

From the of Saudi Arabia
led alliance to support the Yemeni government against
the Houthi rebels find no country in the top 20. Turkey
stands with export permits in the value of 15.3 million euros in place
19. There are both for the NATO partner Turkey and for Saudi Arabia
it according to dpa information in each case a backlog of export applications in the

Union and SPD want to see each other by the middle of
Year on new arms export policies. The Social Democrats
rely on strict regulation. "We do not want arms exports
 in crisis areas and dictatorships, "it says in its European election program.
 The Union fears, however, that too restrictive an export policy
Could harm Germany's foreign policy. The partial
Arms export stop for the states involved in the Yemen war also concerns
European joint projects and is funded by the UK and
France criticizes.

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