Federal justice prepares antitrust investigations against Google


Washington – The United States Department of Justice is preparing an investigation into Google's business practices and whether they constitute a violation of antitrust law, according to newspaper reports.

The Internet search giant has been fined $ 2,720 million in Europe in 2017 for abusing its dominant market position. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission initiated a Google antitrust investigation, but it closed in 2013 without intervening.

Now, justice has launched a new investigation, according to the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Bloomberg News. The three cite people who are familiar with the subject they do not identify.

The spokesperson of the agency, Jeremy Edwards, refused to issue statements on Saturday. Google spokesmen did not immediately respond to a request from the Associated Press.

Google, which belongs to Alphabet Inc., has been the subject of increasing attention from regulators around the world. In addition to the 2017 sanction, European regulators applied a penalty of $ 1,700 million in March to prevent websites from advertising their rivals along with that transmitted by Google near the search results.

Google says it has given up this practice.

The search machine has a great advantage over its competitors in terms of advertising revenue, with 31.1% of the dollars coming in for that article, according to the calculations of eMarketer in 2019. Followed by Facebook in a second place far with 20.2%.

Politicians and antitrust analysts have expressed concern that Google controls too much of the digital advertising process. It produces recnology, has the largest search site where alerts are displayed and collects data from all managed advertising campaigns.


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