Dhe West is in a moral crisis. From San Francisco to Berlin, millions go to the streets to protest against the everyday racism. In this Situation, a German government might be tempted the President to intervene with a keynote speech. It does not speak for Frank-Walter Steinmeier that he does, but the conversation is looking for.

On Tuesday, the former national football team player Gerald Asamoah, the teacher Gloria Boateng, the schoolgirl Vanessa Tadala Chabvunga and education activist Daniel Gyamerah were invited to Bellevue to the castle to discuss with the President. You might ask why Frank-Walter Steinmeier has invited only black German, which are also all Christians. Finally, the racism is in Germany, mainly against Muslims.

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier (l.) and Daniel Gyamerah from the think-tank Citizens for Europe

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Ex-National Player Gerald Asamoah

Ex-National Player Gerald Asamoah

Source: dpa/Annegret Hilse

The are, however, well organized; there are mosques, a Central Council of Muslims and Islam conference; the Central Council of Jews committed to Jewish-Muslim cooperation, and it is the word Christian Wulff is. More than four and a half million Muslims live in Germany, but at least at least a Million in the Black. In proportion to their number you know much less attention than Muslims. The Black and your special racism-experience, almost nobody cares, if not just a Alexander Gauland (AfD) makes a stupid remark about Jérôme Boateng.

Steinmeier, not a master of the Jovialität, is seeking in the empty reception hall – due to the pandemic, only a few journalists are invited to the sit in the safety distance from each other – a personal access. “As a white man with white hair” make it self-no racism-experiences, he says, to begin with, so the listening was so important. Because it is not enough to say: “I’m not a racist.” Also German “should not lament the death of George Floyd and racism in their own country concealment”.

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Steinmeier calls on behalf of many of the names of Alberto Adriano, from Mozambique, was beaten 20 years ago by neo-Nazis to death, he speaks of the “violence against Black people in German prisons, of unexplained deaths in custody”. And the everyday racism in the education system, job and housing search. It is not enough just to be not racist: “We have to be anti-racists!”

Steinmeier’s guests are undoubtedly the Elite of the black Community. Asamoah anyway, is still as a Trainer for the network of schools without racism as the godfather works and a Foundation for children with heart conditions has been established; but also, Gloria Boateng, who came on as a seven-year-old from Ghana to Germany, only a primary school recommendation got, but graduation and degree earned, the educational Association SchlauFox founded and 2019, the order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany received; and the Tübingen-born Daniel Gyamerah, who works in the Berlin think tank “Citizens for Europe”.

However, all report that they were stopped again for no reason by the police and checked, and are: “Then you recognize me and say: ‘sorry, Mr Asamoah.’ But until then, I’m the Black one that looks suspicious.“

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Steinmeier asks whether representatives of the school, the police, the authorities or policy were ever to come to them with the request to organize training courses, to organise training, to laws, to cooperate. No, Gyamerah and Boateng consistently, you would have to formally “impose”. Not least because the majority of Germans were of the view that it was “so bad”. Boateng told how she was promoted as head of Department. After the presentation round, you have taken the principal aside, your concept was praised, but in order to understand asked that he not propose: “I need someone that will be worn by the whole College.”

Debate about racism in the police does not tear

With your accusation of “latent racism” in the police, the SPD party chair Saskia esque has triggered a fierce debate about racism in the police. Now esque enters into dialogue with the officials.

Source: WORLD/David sheep book

Gloria Boateng is a tough woman. In a country where a Bavarian interior could Minister in 2015, from “wonderful Negro Roberto Blanco” swarming, it is likely to get in the way quite often, and she knows it: “The more we demand, the more we learn racism. It’s about Power and privileges, and to lose people who are afraid of privileges. The select AfD.“

Yes, a wasted Steinmeier, but the AfD does not represent the majority of the population. The not-so-Gyamerah, but for too long it welcomed in politics and the media, one must take the Concerns of the AfD-voters seriously; than five percent of Muslims, or a percentage of Black an existential Problem for Germany, the racism but not. Until today there is no plan of action of the government against the Anti-Black racism did not behave, the Bundestag, to make it clear.

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The most touching story told but Vanessa Tadala Chabvunga, which came as a refugee child to Germany, and now just before graduation, is. In elementary school, you have understood nothing and felt foreign. “The welcome class made everything worse.” Since “Strangers were” among themselves. A teacher took care of outside the school to the girl, so Vanessa made it to high school. “Because the exclusion was but even worse.” Her mother decided to send the unfortunate child on to the Jewish Gymnasium Moses Mendelsohn.

What was different?, want to know the Federal President. At the first school stop was “only German”, says Vanessa. At the Jewish high school Russian Jews were indeed the majority, but there are also “people from Israel, Ukraine, America, even Africa. Diversity stop.“ In the urban high school they haven’t heard anything about racism and about the Holocaust. Both were topics at the new school, and the students agreed, in spite of Corona to the “Black Lives Matter”demonstrations.

Some academics claim that the fixation of the Germans on the Holocaust makes it difficult to empathize with the Victims of racism. Vanessa Tadala Chabvunga is the living proof that the opposite is the case. To listen to your story, it is well worth the visit in Bellevue.

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