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This Friday, March 24, the television host Federico Salazar surprised Brunella Horna with unexpected advice that did not go unnoticed and was celebrated by Verónica Linares and the drivers of “America Today”.

The event occurred when Verónica Linares and Federico gave way to the morning program. “Well, we say goodbye, we give our compañeras from ‘América Hoy’ a pass, but we stay a little while to talk. Go ahead Ethel, Brunella, Janet.” highlighted Linares.

“Thank you very much, Federico and Verónica. How are you today Friday? Is the body ready for a good weekend?, responded immediately Janet Barboza from the set. In addition, the driver asked her colleagues if they take a break at the end of their day, since they have publicly stated that they must wake up at 3:30 am to arrive at work on time.

“No, no (we take a nap), that is not possible, that is impossible. From now on it’s like we started life, what people already started at 6 am, we start activities at 9:30 am “highlighted Verónica Linares, surprising Brunella Horna.

And that was not all, because Verónica Linares and Federico Salazar surprised Brunella when they told her that they slept at 9 pm “Oops late, I do have to wake up at 3:30, I go to sleep at 7 pm, minimum”, pointed out the young businesswoman. However, Verónica advised her to take advantage of sleeping the hours she wants now that she does not have children.

“Wait, Brunella, when you have children, we’re going to talk there, take advantage of it,” said the journalist, without imagining that it would give rise to Federico recommending to Richard Acuña’s wife that she start “chambear” so that she has children.

“Hopefully it will be soon… Hopefully… but you have to work well Brunella”, expressed the journalist causing the laughter of those present.



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