Fedez, from the anthem of the M5S to the controversy with Salvini (and the Pd): the political face of the Milanese rapper

The Milanese rapper Fedez has raised an uproar in his intervention on the stage of the May Day concert, with the attack on the League for its opposition to Zan bill on homophobia and the accusations of attempted censorship by Rai. But for Fedez, – born in Milan in 1989, but raised in the hinterland, a Buccinasco – the political limelight is not new: his sympathy for the 5-star Movement is known, of which he also edited the anthem in 2014. As well as in the past there have been controversies with the exponents of the League (Salvini in primis) but also of the Pd.

The anthem of the M5S

“From the march on Rome to the rotten on Rome there is only one Movement that goes on indefinitely” is one of the songs of the M5S hymn (complete with video) that Fedez composed in 2014 for the Cinque Stelle festival at the Circus Maximus of Rome. “Millions of voters asleep for twenty years in front of televisions … goodnight senators!”, Sang the rapper. With a nod to the then head of state, referring to the State-Mafia negotiation: «Dear Napolitano I tell you with my heart or go and testify or pass the baton! ». A sentence, the latter, which brought with it the accusation of “vilification” to the head of state by some Pd exponents.


The controversy with the Democratic Party and the accusation of fascism

After the exploit of the 5 stars in 2013, Fedez was criticized by the Democratic Party. “I’m not at the X Factor to make propaganda and I never did, but as a citizen I have my political ideas and I have no reason to keep them hidden. The fact that my head is asked for expressing them takes us back 60 years to censorship and al fascism“, So wrote Fedez in 2014 from his facebook profile in response to the deputies of the Democratic Party Federico Gelli and Ernesto Magorno, for whom the fact that the rapper and judge of X factor wrote the anthem of the M5S could” create a disconnect with the always impartial image of Sky ». As well as in 2016 there was no lack of criticism by Fedez of the new mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, for its “judicial record of close collaborators under investigation”.

The skirmishes with Salvini

The Salvini-Fedez skirmishes are long-standing, sharpened since the rapper supported Virginia Raggi in his run for mayor of Rome in 2016, where the Lega and Fdi candidate, Giorgia Meloni, was also on the field. «If Meloni wins in Rome, do I listen to 5 songs by Fedez? I don’t see why he should hurt me like this … I’ll listen to 5 songs by De Andrè », said the Northern League leader. The year before Salvini had already teased the rapper: «It seems that Fedez is quarrelsome and nervous. Apparently he had a fight with boys and policemen in the disco. There appear to be several ongoing complaints. I think a year of military service would be good for Fedez !!! Sing and relax, brother, ”he tweeted.

Bill Zan and homophobia

Although recently Salvini has dampened the controversy and attempted an appeasement with what in the past he had called “left-wing millionaire”. Precisely on the occasion of the discussion on the Zan Bill. “Dear Fedez, not only do I admire you as an artist, but I thank you as a citizen, for the generous contributions you have made for the construction of theAnti-Covid hospital at the Fiera in Milan and to help show business workers in need. It is not a time for controversy but for reconstruction, so I would be happy to meet you to talk about rights, work and freedom », Salvini wrote on twitter on April 28th.

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