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Not to mention “Jogo bonito”: Brazil coach Tite on Monday

A beautiful good morning! The 46th Copa América is gaining momentum, with a good third of the group stage already over. The game will be played until 7th July in Brazil, which will host the competition for the fifth time. The previous home Copas could win Brazil, which was a total of eight times successful, all. The last time, however, is already twelve years ago.

In the opening match on Friday, Verdeamarelha met Bolivia in the Morumbi of São Paulo, which has been offering the most discrete football in South America in recent years. They usually use the home advantage at the height of La Paz, but in the “llano” (flat land), they usually masonry. Brazilian coach Tite left Gabriel Jesus on the bench and started without center-forward. It was even more puzzling that Brazil was planning on getting the tens of the “Altiplanicos” with foreseeable high flanks from the wings. This looked helpless and sterile, was ineffective and a slap in the face of the domestic football tradition. Not to mention “Jogo bonito”. One passport chased the next. Bolivia wisely kept the ranks closed and did not even dare to make an outing over the midline. The indignant spectators chased their lazy-elf elves into the catacombs with a droning whistle-concert.

Immediately after the restart, the video referee intervened in favor of the hosts, and Philippe Coutinho drove the dealer left down in the mesh, Carlos Lampe had no chance. The will of the South American champion of 1963 was broken. Three minutes later Coutinho nodded a pass from Roberto Firmino to make it 2-0 – his 16th goal in the 50th international match. The Chose had run. In the 85th minute, substitute Everton nibbled six Bolivians and fired a bullet to the left of the half-moon to make it 3: 0 to the opponents. However, the five-time world champion could not convince.

Uruguay then later. On Sunday, the record champion (15 Copas) in the Mineirão of Belo Horizonte cut down the celebration of Ecuador, where center-back Arturo's “Zambo Mambo” Mina, playing in the Turkish “Süper Lig”, posed a permanent security risk. After just six minutes Nicolás Lodeiro, assisted by Luis Suárez, managed an artistic goal to take the lead for the “Celeste”, the Edinson “Matador” Cavani (five-man scorer, preliminary work Diego Godín) and “Pistolero” Suárez (deflector) after a dismissal for José Quintero (24 ') before the break effortlessly expanded to 3: 0. For Suárez, it was the 57th National Match, for Cavani number 47 (the first in the fourth Copa participation). Both come from Salto, a city on the border with Argentina, where they used to play football together as children on the classic gravel courts. Suárez is exactly three weeks older. Mina perfected the tricolor tragedy in minute 77 with a feature-own goal. Two more hits were denied the Urus.

Uruguay was an avalanche. Óscar Washington Tabárez, since February 2006 coach of the “Celeste”, has done a great job. If the Urus used to play it safe in the majority, then the new, renovated version of the »Charrúas« is ultra-offensive. The 4-4-2 scheme does not change that. Fullbacks Diego Laxalt and Martín Cáceres are ice cold, while Lodeiro and Nahitan Nández (Boca Juniors) are constantly using the space that Suárez and Cavani are pushing. In front of the defense, Rodrigo Bentancur (Juve) and Matías Vecino (Internazionale) are masters and masters of the center of the pitch, setting the pace and providing their partners on the outer lanes with picture-book passes to feed the avalanche, with the aim of burying the enemy torrent stand underneath , That should work even more often.


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