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In addition to the “20 million yen problem in old age” that has attracted a lot of attention, these days we are fed up with high prices with no visible exit. What I really want to think about now is asset formation. If you use the new NISA, which will come into effect in 2024, to make a “ditching investment”, you can steadily increase your money while protecting your precious money. Let’s take a step into investment with Taiki Raito, an economic journalist who is familiar with asset management!

*This is a re-edited article published in the May 2023 issue of “GetNavi”.

I will tell you

economic journalist

Mr. Taki Raito

CEO of Money&You, visiting lecturer at Chuo University. He is the author of many investment-related books, including the best-seller “Hajimete no NISA & iDeCo” (Seibido Publishing), which has sold over 190,000 copies. He is also sending money information on YouTube “Money & You TV”.

Easy to increase your investment experience with point investment and credit card investment!

Services that allow users to purchase financial products with credit card payments starting from a small amount are prospering. If you don’t want to spend less cash, or if you want to challenge yourself in a way that is as profitable as possible from a small amount, please try it.

What is point investment?

A service that allows various points to be used to purchase actual financial products such as investment trusts and stocks instead of cash. You can receive cash when you withdraw. In a similar service, there is also a simulated investment experience called “point management,” in which points increase or decrease according to the price movement of the selected financial product.

What is credit card investment?

A service that allows credit card payments to be made by investing in investment trusts. The main benefits are that you can accumulate points while building your assets with a reserve investment, and once you set a reserve, you can save the trouble of depositing money. The monthly upper limit is 50,000 yen for each company.

How to use like this ◎

Points are accumulated by credit card investment, and you can invest with those points again without reducing cash. It lowers the psychological hurdles to investment. If you are interested in investing but can’t take the first step, or if you want to invest even a little, let’s use it.

How to use like this×

There is a possibility that it will get worse in the future, so don’t choose only by the point reduction rate! Let’s judge comprehensively.

(1) Use and save V points for asset management[SBI SECURITIES x Sumitomo Mitsui Card]


V point investment

You can use the V-points that you earn through Sumitomo Mitsui Card payments to purchase investment trusts with a specified amount. 1 point = 1 yen, and can be used from a minimum of 100 points.

● Target points: V points
● Applicable products: Investment trusts handled by SBI SECURITIES
● Target accounts: Specific accounts, general accounts, general NISA accounts

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card
Sumitomo Mitsui Card (NL)

It can be used to accumulate investment trusts, and V points of 0.5% of the accumulated amount are earned every month. Also, if the conditions are met, the annual fee is waived, and the gold card with a high return rate is also a target.

● Normal return rate: 0.5%
●International brands: Visa, Mastercard
Annual membership fee: Free for many years
● 0.5% return rate at the time of reserve setting

(2) Benefits are particularly great for users of the Rakuten economic zone[Rakuten Securities x Rakuten Card]

Rakuten Securities
point investment

In addition to investment trusts, the feature is that you can also purchase US stocks. Can be used with cash. If you meet the conditions, you can get up to +1.0% on your Rakuten Ichiba purchases (*1).

Target points: Rakuten points
● Target products: Investment trusts and US stocks handled by Rakuten Securities
● Target accounts: Specific accounts, general accounts, general NISA accounts, Tsumitate NISA accounts

(*1) Point investment can be used without a Rakuten card

Rakuten card
Rakuten card

Up to 1.0% reduction. In addition, if Rakuten Securities’ Rakuten cash settlement is also used, a total of 100,000 yen can be accumulated in investment trusts while earning points cashless every month.

●Normal return rate: 1.0% (*2)
● International brands: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express
Annual membership fee: Free for many years
0.2% or 1.0% return rate at the time of reserve setting (depending on the agency fee of the fund)

(*2) Some points may not be eligible for point redemption, or the redemption rate may differ.

③ Utilize Ponta points that are easy to use in everyday life[au Kabucom Securities x au PAY Card]

au Kabucom Securities
point investment

Ponta points can be used to purchase over 1,600 mutual funds and petit stocks. In the case of investment trusts, points can be returned according to the average monthly holding amount.

Target points: Ponta points
Eligible products: Regular trading of investment trusts (spot purchase), petit stocks (shares less than one unit)
●Eligible accounts: Specific accounts, general accounts, NISA accounts

au Financial Service
au PAY Card

1.0% return when monthly investment trust reserves are paid by credit card. In addition, Ponta points can be accumulated at a return rate of 1.0% anywhere, such as shopping and paying utility bills.

● Normal return rate: 1.0%
●International brands: Visa, Mastercard
Annual membership fee: Free
●Return rate 1.0% at the time of reserve setting

④ No. 1 return rate for general card/unconditional credit card investment[Monex Securities x Monex Card]

Monex, Inc.
monex point investment

Monex points can be used to purchase investment trusts. 1 point = 1 yen, which can be applied to the purchase price of investment trusts. Junior NISA accounts are also eligible.

● Target points: Monex points
Eligible products: Domestic publicly offered stock investment trusts (excluding funds that cannot be purchased with a specified amount)
● Target accounts: Specific accounts, general accounts, general NISA accounts, junior NISA accounts, corporate accounts

Monex, Inc.
monex card

Unconditionally 1.1% reduction in credit card accumulation. Accumulated Monex points can be conveniently exchanged for other companies’ partner points in addition to point investment.

● Normal return rate: 1.0%
●International brand: JCB
Annual membership fee: 550 yen (free for the first year, free for use at least once a year from the following year)
●Return rate 1.1% at the time of reserve setting

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