Feijóo accuses Sánchez and the independentists of going to a "horizon similar to the balkans"

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The president of the PP warns of the possible balkanization of Spain if it gives in to the pretensions of the independence parties. As I already did Pablo Casado On repeated occasions, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has invoked this Monday the disintegration and dissolution of Yugoslavia as a precedent for the consequences that nationalist division can bring.

“Spain organized its diversity by distancing itself so much from nationalisms that take us towards the Middle Ages or towards a horizon similar to that of the Balkans,” Feijóo said at a Europa Press breakfast featuring Marga Prohenspresident of the Balearic Islands.

For the president of the PP, “there is no formula superior to the autonomous one to guarantee diversity and equality at the same time.” And this can be understood not only as a criticism of the independentists and Pedro Sánchez, if he gives in to them, but also as a message to Vox, a party that wants to end the Spain of the autonomies as we know it.

But his main target of his criticism is the PSOE. In his opinion, Sánchez “calls generosity what is an unconditional surrender and in which there is no compensation.” “What does Spanish democracy get from Mr. Sánchez’s capitulation? Stability? Legal security? Guarantees that the independence movement will accept the rules of the democratic game? None of that. The independence movement will get almost everything and Spain nothing,” he said. court.

For the leader of the opposition to the acting Government, the amnesty “is not done for the sake of coexistence either, but for the exclusive sake of the convenience of a candidate defeated at the polls who wants to be president of the Government again.”

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