Feijóo accuses Sánchez of leading Spain to "constitutional cliff" and Aznar already talks about "extremely serious crisis"

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The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, assured this Thursday that neither he nor the Popular Party are going to abandon the millions of Spaniards who defend equality and freedom in the face of the imminent approval of the Amnesty Law by Pedro Sánchez to become President of the Government again: “We will put all our efforts at the disposal of the Spanish people until the last breath, we will never abandon our country,” he assured this morning at a presentation event by the Extremaduran president, María Guardiola, organized by Europe Press.

With a visibly serious and concerned tone throughout his speech, Feijóo has been very critical of Pedro Sánchez and predicted that his investiture, which he takes for granted, “will be the weakest in the entire Spanish democratic history” and has once again asked the socialist leader to “be brave” and submit his agreements with the independentists “to the assessment of Spaniards”, accusing him of hiding these agreements in the last electoral campaign, agreements that he assured “are doing so against Spain”. In this sense, he assured that “Sánchez does not have the right to make what the Spanish people are going through happen.”

In fact, the PP has launched all the machinery against the amnesty in anticipation that the PSOE will register the rule in Congress imminently. In the Senate, where the popular party has a majority, the party has registered a proposal for the reform of the regulations of the Upper House that allows the Board to have the power to execute or not execute emergency procedures, which is the form that the law will foreseeably take. of amnesty.

In parallel, Feijóo has said that the word of the acting president of the government “is worth nothing” and “he is willing to do anything to remain in power”, in addition to making him ugly for choosing precisely “the birthday of the future boss.” of the State to make an unworthy decision”, in reference to the announcement of the agreement between the PSOE and Puigdemont’s party last Tuesday, the same day that Princess Leonor swore in the Constitution.

Feijóo defined the current climate in Spain as “convulsive”, which is why he asserted that the PP has “an enormous responsibility” in governing at this time after the last regional and local elections to 70% of the citizens and reviewed, one by one, the “non-compliance” of Pedro Sánchez in the last legislature, from the pacts with Podemos, with the independence parties, the colonization of the judiciary (Prosecutor’s OfficeCourt of Accounts, and, as published today THE WORLDuntil the new senior lawyer of Congress) the reduction of penalties for corruption, the law yes is yes, or the promise to bring Puigdemont to Spain to be tried, in addition to “whitewashing” Bildu. “And the indignity will be greater and greater,” he predicted, hidden, he said, “not only from the Spaniards but from their voters,” in addition to “legitimizing the independence discourse” to “humiliate Spain and weaken it” in what he defined as a great exercise of “megalomania” on the part of Sánchez.

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