Feijóo announced to his barons the mobilization of 24-S before Aznar spoke

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The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, announced to his barons on Monday the plan to “take to the streets against the amnesty.” That is, one day before José María Aznar called for civil society mobilizations. This is confirmed by several regional presidents THE WORLD, as well as sources from Genoa. He did so at the private lunch after the National Board of Directors of the PP. It is important to underline it because it indicates that Feijóo already had among his plans to make a citizen mobilization. “We wanted to announce it gradually,” says a Genoa leader.

“It was one of the actions that we were asked to do. We all agreed that after the spontaneous mobilization on Sunday in the town halls, we had to do something at the regional and national level. We talked about having an army of power and that army has to see. We told him that we had to lead the street,” explains a baron present at that private lunch. Feijóo also announced to them at that time his intention to convene the general commission of the autonomies in the Senate to portray the regional presidents of the PSOE and asked them not to leak anything of what he had told them.

And he asked their opinion “on a demonstration itself.” “We told him yes. The favorable opinion was to go out on the street. We told him to go out on the street. We should also be leading that feeling,” explains another baron. “But the idea came from him,” he clarifies.

“Yes, he announced to us that he wanted to do it, before Aznar came out and said it. When I saw him, I thought: ‘This guy has information,'” a third baron is honest.

So why didn’t Feijóo announce it earlier and act in the wake of Aznar? Why did his team deny it or put himself in profile? Until yesterday, in Genoa they assured that, although they “did not rule out anything”, they would wait to read the text of the amnesty to mobilize. In fact, they refused to confirm if Feijóo was going to go to the demonstration of Catalan Civil Society on October 8. “This is not because of the text. It is because of the investiture, it is the previous one,” they insist in Genoa.

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