Feijóo defends a Spain of "beginning" and Sánchez causes a farce

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The investiture debate of Alberto Núñez Feijóo portrayed them all. To the political leaders, their aspirations, their attitudes, their project and their respect for the institutions. The leader of the PP, appointed by the Rey to be the first to try to gain the confidence of Congress, he portrayed himself without nuances against the amnesty and self-determination demanded by the independentists and against an acting president whom he preemptively reproaches for giving in to a “blackmail” that seeks to dynamite the legitimacy of the State.

A socialist leader who escaped from the debate was also photographed, preferring to hide in his seat and let a deputy, Oscar Puente, former mayor of Valladolid, responded to the candidate. Sánchez chose not to go up to the podium, thus conveying an image in which contempt for his political adversary was mixed with fear of revealing even the slightest bit of the transfers to which he is willing to remain in La Moncloa.

For the candidate for the investiture, this maneuver was a typical performance of the “comedy club”, designed solely so that Sánchez could avoid being summoned to give explanations about the amnesty.

Feijóo strung together a speech on two levels: on the one hand he attacked Sánchez and his purposes without hesitation; On the other hand, he outlined what would be his political project if he could form a government. This plan, which he detailed, will come to nothing because the leader of the PP will not be able to add the four votes he lacks to carry out the investiture.

However, the possibility of speaking from the tribune of Congress without a time limit allowed him to assert himself before the citizens as the politician who would never accept power if it meant accepting the demands of a fugitive from Justice like Puigdemont. “I won’t do it,” he said, “because I have principles, limits and a word” and because doing so is “neither legally nor ethically acceptable.”

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