Feijóo elects the mayor of Jerez, María José García-Pelayo, for the Presidency of the FEMP

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The Popular Party was the party with the most votes in the July 23 elections, but it fell short of what was important: gaining the majority of Congress deputies. Four seats, specifically. However, in the rest of the institutions the popular ones accumulate the greatest share of power in their history. The PP presides over 11 of the 17 autonomous communities and is vice president Canary Islands. And he governs in the two autonomous cities. It has the municipalities of Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Málaga o Albacete, among other. And, furthermore, it has the absolute majority in the Senate.

To that enormous share of power will be added tomorrow the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP)who will no longer be led by the socialist Abel Caballero to make way for a president of the PP: the mayor of Jerez, María José García-Pelayo. This was announced this Friday by sources from Genoa, who added that Gema Igual (mayor of Santander) will be the vice president and Natalia Chueca (Zaragoza) and María José Catalá (Valencia), spokespersons.

The appointment of García-Pelayo, who was not in the popular pools, represents another boost from Feijóo to the PP of Andalusia, which now occupies a large part of the party’s centers of power.

Politician and lawyer, Senator García-Pelayo is mayor of Jerez since June 17, 2023a position he holds for the third time after having held it in 2003 (June 2003 – January 2005) and in 2011 (June 2011 – June 2015).

As this newspaper has learned, the PP has 15,463 votes out of the 29,050 possible. He is supported by the Aragonesista Party (145 delegates), Ciudadanos (28 endorsements) and UPN (157). For its part, the PSOE has 10,550, and is far from the majority when adding them to the votes of ERC, PNV, Junts, Geroa Bai, Bildu, Compromís or Unión del Pueblo Navarro.

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